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Change of Perception

Daughter: “Mom, what is the point of life? I mean ... why are we on this planet?”

Mother: “What do you mean?”

Daughter: “Life is full of so much fear and suffering, people go through so much tragedy.

                        Why is life considered a gift when it comes with such pain?”

Mother: “Life is like a half- filled glass. It can be seen as half way full or half way empty.

                        Life has pain but it also has happiness and joy.

                        It all depends on how you choose to see it.”


Many things orchestrate the way we choose to live our lives. From perceptions, different realities, positivity / negativity, influences known consciously or subconsciously, behaviorisms and cultural norms.


Each one of us choose how we wish to see the world.


I once had a friend who believed strongly that gentlemen who treated women as ladies and not as whores did not exist. She believed that their mouths salivated lies. Their charm was a sweet song she quickly mastered and a formula she quickly reversed. It was as if their existence was not to be seen as equal to a woman but less than. This was her perception. True love, real love, not those fake dramatized television romances, but relationships that consisted of putting in work because every day would not be a walk on a Bahamian beach, did not exist. This is her perception. A belief so deeply rooted within her that skepticism and mistrust travels with every man.


Now I am not saying to trust every man. But I wouldn’t believe the worst in a person simply for how they walk, dress, or have different genitalia.


This is how she chooses to see the world. Because of such great disappointment in the past, she is conditioned to believe in disappointment with the future (strictly speaking with men).



So now let me ask you, my dear reader, what do you believe in so forcefully that it has completely defined an entity and what is that definition? It can be anything.



Your perception changes your reality. So, wouldn’t it make sense that if you changed how you viewed something, the reality of what it is can change too?


"No Regerts" - Remember that commercial?