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"No Regerts" - Remember that commercial?

I don’t regret anything I have ever done. Simply because it enabled me to grow into this badass of a woman.

I as well as everyone else on this planet have made mistakes. Made = meaning it has already happened. There is no time machine in which you can go back and correct it. All that you can do is take conscious note of how you messed up and work at it or try again with a new approach. Do not give up on it. 

Some events occur and there is no try again button. Often these situations can occur with no warning at all. It happens, you react and then it’s over.

We can’t wish for the past to not have happened because it already did. Don’t waste energy on the things that you can’t change. Regret has no place for existence. Instead of saying “I wish I hadn’t…” or “If only I had…” or “I would’ve...” or “I should’ve...” say instead “I will…”, “I plan…”, “I can…” and “I have…”. 

These words push the individual to make changes and build towards a positive future.

Picture yourself sitting at home or on the train or even walking to your job and building your own anxiety by thinking about all the crappy mistakes that you’ve made. Anxiety sucks, it makes you want to find a little corner and over analyze how stupid you THINK you are but you’re not. Then self-doubt happens and it’s just downhill from there. 

All of this could have been avoided if you simply say “I plan to…” and BUILD. Build, grow, change, read, open yourself to things you think you couldn’t possibly believe in. Feel your anxiety begin to lift and your excitement begin to grow. Discover new things and it will lead you to answers that you’ve spent so long searching for. 

Live in the NOW. 

“To live in regret is to live in the past.” – Kaiesha C. The Audacity of Her


I want MORE and BETTER but I DONT want YOU.

Change of Perception