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I want MORE and BETTER but I DONT want YOU.

As a species, our job is to influence one another as we all experience things differently and gain different beliefs because of it. Then as we share this information with one another we evolve and become so self-aware that we in turn impact change through-out the world.

We all have our own ideas of what we believe is true no matter what evidence there is for or against them.

With all these ideas, it is completely impossible for there to be no opposition to absolutely anything. 

What opens you up to new possibilities, ideas, truths, beliefs, realities, identities, declarations etc. is being willing to understand and accept that there is MORE. 

More than one story of one thing being told. More than one view.

For example,

Many public school history texts state that colonials came to America, discovered the free world, asked the Native American Indians if it was cool if they stayed and the Native Americans were all “Sure buddy! Go ahead! Take our land and we will just head on over to carajo-land!” NO SUSAN, that is definitely NOT what happened. The colonials mass murdered thousands but it’s cool because this is “the land of the free.” Let’s stop here before my angry typing breaks my laptop.

One perspective is that of a growth of a nation, another view is the growth of ignorance, violence, and a dehumanization of a peoples. 

So, to connect this with my recent Instagram post, there are people who truly believe that they are contributing to your growth and understanding of who you are. But their perspective (generally speaking) is so limited because of their experiences that it influences you to think in limited capacity resulting in a state where you want better things (successful career, more money, owning a business, finding your soul mate, making a blog, starting ANYTHING you’ve always wanted to do, etc.) but not being able to because you’re stuck in a small box of limited thought.  There are also people who are snakes in a field silently waiting to attack and strike you as soon as the opportunity rises. As I said before, it all depends on perspective and on who YOU are. 

As the good person whom you assume to be or aspiring to be, it would make sense if you took this opportunity to contribute to that other person’s positive psychological influence. Expand their mind and their views on the world which will in turn open them to better, soul enriching, enlightening opportunities and experiences. 

OR. You can choose to excuse that person with their limited beliefs from your life entirely. This does not make you a bad person. Not every person we meet and enjoy the company of is meant to stay in our lives. They can be the pit stop your party bus makes on your road to happiness. Remember this journey is yours and yours ALONE. The people whom you’ve impacted will keep the knowledge they’ve gathered from you for a long time but you will not hold their hand for the rest of your earthly existence.

Continue your journey and do what in your heart feels right. 



"No Regerts" - Remember that commercial?