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Aspire to Inspire

If someone, actually let's give it a name. 

If the Universe, as I like to call her with me being all pro feminine and all, or whomever you believe creates and gives told you that they would make you into anything you wanted to be what would you tell them? 

Think about your dreams, fears, aspirations and crazy ideas. Forget the why. Forget the self doubt and the negative energy surrounding you. Forget all fear and ask if this would make you happy.

So what would you say?

Well here's what I told the Universe. 

I told her that I wanted to write. I truly always enjoyed it because it came from a place of knowledge and creativity. But I also told her that my wants and passions are not limited. 

I also wanted to become a strong dancer. I wanted to become physically, emotionally and mentally strong enough to learn from groundbreaking choreographers from all levels and styles. 

My truest passion is to inspire movement.

 "Aspire to inspire"  - Kaiesha, self-quoter, awesomist, life enricher 

I'd always sit on the trains, busses and planes and as I looked through the window I fantasized about being a professional choreographer. I'd come up with new routines every morning and picture myself teaching them to amazingly talented people. I'd imagine being in workshops with young students and having Freestyle Fridays after school or during the summer.


It is through movement and performing where I found myself. It is where I experienced a joy unlike any other. A happiness so pure, sweet and even addictive that I couldn't stop. From clubs to school to my living room. Everywhere was a stage for a performance.


So then the Universe presented me with this book. It is called You Are A Badass by the incredible Jen Sincero. I'd just like to point out that i was on amazon looking for some cute pens when this book showed up in the suggestions bar. If there's cursing in the title AND it is  a New York Times Bestseller? I read the title and ordered it with absolutely no doubts. This book is incredibly refreshing and makes an individual look at their life in an open way that gives light to new perspective. 


She, the Universe, also presented me with influential and phenomenal people who will run after their dreams stopping at nothing because your reality is only what you make it. It is only fair however for your reality to fight you on the new reality you're trying to create. So basically when you're trying to build this new life for yourself, the shit might hit the fan a couple times. Hardest thing is to get back up and keep going. So you'll probably have to feel like your walking through the pits of hell (aka going through the struggle) before you succeed but its okay. Would you like to know why??


Because your doing it for you. There is no better reason to live a more conscious, fulfilling, positive and sweetly empowering life than for you. You are fighting for a dream you've only visualized in subway cars, busses, and planes. 


It is no easy task to change your life. To jump not knowing where or even if you'll land. But how can one fly if one does not jump?