Hello Audacious Humans, My name is Kaiesha S. C.


I am a writer. 

I decided to create this website as a way to share my views, aspirations, fears, ideas, arguments, debates, soul- searches, explorations, desires, human purpose and so much more. This isn't just about me but about US. This is simply the platform I choose to share with you. 

I hope this blog opens up your mind and beliefs as I am broadening mine as well. Our beliefs are not simply religious but ideas conditioned so intimately that it controls all the rules we tell ourselves we need to live by.

I challenge you to do something you never thought to do.

I challenge you to re-condition your mind.

The simplest way to change our lives is to change how we perceive, how we think. 

I am not asking you to change yourself. I am asking you to make your life into exactly what you want it to be.

Be Audacious my loves, and the world will be ours.

xoxo -